The Solid Mechanics PLUS version takes the strong foundation built with Solid Mechanics and enhances it through the ability to REARRANGE ANY EQUATION, solving for any variable you desire.

This simple yet powerful tool will allow you to swiftly calculate engineering stresses, strains and others for a multitude of loading conditions.


Quickly and accurately perform "back of the envelope" calculations, or quick checks with ease using the fully rearrangeable equations, built in unit conversion and One-Touch main screen function access.

POST SECONDARY STUDENTS ( Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil Engineering, etc... )

Make your problem sets, labs and design projects a breeze with multiple pre-programmed common loading conditions, cross-sections and formula display.

Make all of your engineering stress and strain calculations simple, featuring:

  • Rearrangeable equations – (Press and hold on any variable you want to solve for)
  • Reference equations & diagrams
  • Integration of sub-equations - (Press the |Sub| button)
  • Standard loading conditions for tensile, compressive and shear stresses
  • Built-in unit conversion
  • Dynamic calculation
  • Prominent tabbed output display (swipe to change outputs)
  • Simplified main screen layout with icons for quick identification
  • Built-in Cross-section property calculators

With the enhanced rearranging of equations, you can now solve for the most critical variables for your design at the touch of a button. You will save the time and headaches of trying to rearrange equations by hand or guessing multiple different design parameters. (Press and hold on any variable you want to solve for)

Solid Mechanics PLUS also contains all of the same great features of the original Solid Mechanics. Check out our Solid Mechanics app for more details on these other great features.

Included calculators:

1. Axial Stress
2. Axial Strain
3. Axial Deflection
4. Bending Stress
5. Convert Stress to Strain
6. Direct Shear Stress
7. Transverse Shear Stress
8. Torsional Shear Stress – (Circular)
9. Torsional Shear Stress – (Non Circular)
10. Torsional Twist – (Circular)
11. Torsional Twist – (Non Circular)
12. Thin Walled Pressure Vessels
13. Thick Walled Pressure Vessels

Unit Conversions Supported:

  • Stress / Pressure: Pa, kPa, MPa, GPa, psi, kpsi
  • Strain: unitless, %, Millistrain, Microstrain, Nanostrain
  • Force: N, kN, MN, GN, nN, uN, mN, lbf, kgf
  • Length: m, mm, um, nm, in, ft
  • Moment / Torque: N-m, N-mm, kN-m, kN-mm, lb-ft, lb-in, oz-ft, oz-in, kg-mm, kg-m, g-mm, g-m
  • Area: m^2, mm^2, cm^2, um^2, nm^2, in^2, ft^2
  • Moment of Inertia / Polar Moment of Inertia: m^4, mm^4, cm^4, um^4, nm^4, in^4, ft^4
  • Angle: degrees, radians

Standard Cross-section Properties for A, I and J Supported:

  • Area (A):
    • Square, Hollow Square, Rectangle, Hollow Rectangle, Circle, Hollow Circle, I-Beam, Circular Sector, Tubular Sector, Ellipse, Ellipse, Triangle (3 Sides), Triangle (Based & Height), Trapezoid (Trapezium), Parallelogram, etc…
  • Area Moment of Inertia (I):
    • Rectangle, Hollow Rectangle, Circle, Hollow Circle, I-Beam, Semicircle, Ellipse, General Triangle, Right Triangle, Isosceles Triangle
  • Polar Moment of Inertia (J):
    • Circle, Hollow Circle
  • Non-Circular Torsion Q&K Factors (Q/K):
    • Square, Hollow Square, Rectangle, Hollow Rectangle, Ellipse, Hollow Ellipse, Open Circular Tube, Open Arbitrary Shape

Simple Solutions Droid is dedicated to providing you with simple solutions to your complex technical problems.

We appreciate any and all feedback on our Apps so we can help provide better solutions to you, our valued customers.

Please note that this product is intended as a reference tool only and is not a substitute for formal engineering design verification.

Team SSDroid

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