This concise tool will allow you to quickly analyze stress concentrations in a wide variety of common geometries and standard loading scenarios. Never again will you have to look up values in a table or on a graph!


Quickly and accurately analyze the severity of stress concentrations in your designs and size your components more accurately before FEA or in-depth analysis. With built-in unit conversions, never worry about the unit scale again.

POST SECONDARY STUDENTS ( Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil Engineering, etc... )

Make your problem sets, labs and design projects a breeze with pre-written formulae which are commonly taught in engineering schools. Improve the quality of your designs by considering stress concentrations at the design stage quickly, and easily.

Simplify your engineering stress concentration calculations with:

  • Pre-programmed geometry & loading scenarios
  • Reference equations & diagrams
  • Integration of sub-equations
  • Dynamic calculation
  • Built-in unit conversion
  • Prominent tabbed output display
  • Simplified main screen layout with icons for quick identification

The pre-programmed geometries and loading scenarios allow you to simply select a geometry which matches your own, input your dimensional and force values, instantly see the result and iterate quickly to minimize stress and improve your design.

Either for reference or for double-checking, conveniently view each diagram and equation at the bottom of each calculator's screen in an easy to read graphical layout like you see in reference textbooks.

With the integration of sub-equations, you can benefit from the added ease of determining critical design inputs through additional equations if you have not determined the specific value beforehand.

Dynamic calculation allows you to vary design parameters rapidly and see their result without ever having to re-calculate.

Input your parameters in standard units of measure in engineering without having to do your own conversions.

The prominent tabbed output display makes the answer always directly at hand by displaying the output(s) at the top of the screen. By grouping calculators that can output multiple design parameters in a compact and easy to use "tabbed" display, you can "swipe or tap" left and right on the output field and view all of your results.

The simplified main screen layout contains a easy-to-use list-view of the calculators, each with their own custom icon to make it even easier to identify the calculator you need and reduce the time you spend reading your options.

Included calculators:

1. Static Stress-Concentration
2. Fatigue Stress-Concentration
3. Static Stress-Concentration Factor
4. Fatigue Stress-Concentration Factor
5. Notch Sensitivity
6. Neuber's Constant
7. Spherical Contact
8. Cylindrical Contact
9. Spherical Contact Stresses
10. Cylindrical Contact Stresses

Standard Geometries & Loading Supported For Concentration Factors:

  • Shaft with shoulder-fillet
  • Shaft with groove
  • Shaft with transverse hole
  • Flat Bar with fillet
  • Flat Bar with notch
  • Flat Bar with transverse hole
  • Spherical Contact Scenarios
  • Cylindrical Contact Scenarios

Units Conversions Supported:

  • Stress / Pressure: Pa, kPa, MPa, GPa, psi, kpsi
  • Force: N, kN, MN, GN, nN, uN, mN, lbf, kgf
  • Moment / Torque: N-m, N-mm, kN-m, kN-mm, lb-ft, lb-in, oz-ft, oz-in, kg-mm, kg-m, g-mm, g-m
  • Length: m, mm, um, nm, in, ft
  • Area: m2, mm2, cm2, um2, nm2, in2, ft2
  • Neuber's Constant: m0.5, cm0.5, mm0.5, um0.5, nm0.5, in0.5, ft0.5

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We appreciate any and all feedback on our Apps so we can help provide better solutions to you, our valued customers.

Please note that this product is intended as a reference tool only and is not a substitute for formal engineering design verification.

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